Crocs Mega Sale

One of the shoes that I find really comfy are Crocs. All of their shoes are designed to be like that in a cool way, they even have heeled ones which I find really cute! :)

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So yesterday, together with my Aunt and Lola, we went to its Mega Sale which was until 90% off. We were so psyched to know that and went to the venue right away which was at a tent at the Fort. When we got there, we fell in line, a super long line for the record, and waited until it was our turn to get in. I got hungry so Mom bought me a box of Mojos from Shakeys which I really love! (Thanks Mom!) Going back.. When we got into the venue, I was just wow-ed with all the crocs I saw scattered everywhere. There were shoes similar to Converse, similar to Fitflops and all were really nice. :) 

I got some pictures here with me but I apologize for their low quality.. 

But above every positive outcome, there is always a downfall. Everything was scattered around as if it wasn't a branded sale. You could say a "divi" type of bargain. It was categorized from Mens, to Womens, to Kids but none of it was considered since the shoes for men were in the womens section. Plus, I so badly wanted these hello kitty designed crocs but I couldn't find the other pair! :( People literally sat everywhere, even in the center of the venue because of the crowd that was a riot.  Everything was a mess and others were stepping on the shoes already. You would think to yourself, "Should I even buy this? It's already been stepped on." And another thing is, MOST OF THE ITEMS WERE STILL REALLY EXPENSIVE. They just used the phrase "90% off" to catch the attention of the people. 

I just hope that the next time I plan too attend "sales" like this, it would prolly be more organized. :)

YOLO, as they say. :)

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