Once Upon a Ballet

So, my younger Sister, Sofia, is a ballerina. Yes, we're total opposites since my genre in dancing is Hip-Hop which is more up beat and lively which hers is with class and poise. She had her recital last June 2 at the CCP along with her other "balletmates" at Perry Sevidal Ballet. Reality is, she's a scholar of the Mayor of Makati. Not all kids who audition for a spot at the Ballet Class gets in and she's lucky that for two consecutive years, she gets accepted. Enough about that.. Now after she finished her lessons, she now needs to perform a ballet inspirational dance to the tune of Hillsong's Lead Me Lord and I need to be a stage ate to choreograph her dance. It's quite a challenge since I don't have any idea on what this dance is about, I do hope that when the time comes that she needs to perform, she'll do great. Fingers crossed! :D

Everybody has a talent. 
You've just gotta show what you got. :)

YOLO as they say. :)

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  1. wow i have 2 dancers! and to think i have 2 left feet ;) you should post about your dancing chuva..