Bloggers United 3

This was my first time to attend this kind of event since I'm not really always allowed to but here's a short preview of my finds and how everything went on at the Bloggers United 3! :)

When I got there, there wasn't much people yet since I was one of the earliest ones to arrive. The venue was at the Grand Events Place in Makati which was near to my Dad's office. We just got there on time because the line wasn't that long yet and the entrance didn't start yet. There was a entrance fee charge but it was super worth it because of the great things I got. I wasn't able to take pictures of people roaming around and shoppers buying as I, myself, was busy too but here's some of the things I got to buy for myself at the Bazaar.

Best buy items! :)

I got the Capt. America and Paris for very low prices! Especially those Polo's which were only at P50. Super affordable and especially, wearable! I got the Peace signed tee from another booth and it was only for P180. Cheap right? I know!! It was just all so daring. :)

I forgot to mention the shoes! Aren't they so cute? Heels. <333

The skirt was to die for! It's a blue floral high waist-ed skirt and it was sorta a bandaged styled one. :)

Okay, so most of my closest friends know that I am dreaming of going to Paris someday, the same reason why I was so psyched to buy this. When I saw this tee, I didn't even notice the Paris designs in it, I just grabbed it and paid for it. The surprise for me was when I got to look at the things I bought, I suddenly skipped a heartbeat because of this. BEST BUY!!! :)

Accessories from the Bazaar! Of course, I loved the Eiffel tower inspired charm! Everything was just too real. :)

You could have the things you want in the minimal price as 
possible, you just gotta explore and accept everything
and anything that might go on with your life. :)

YOLO as they say. :)

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