Bipolar Attitude Status: ON

Boohoo, I am really moody! And it just proves with the situation I have with my love right nao~ HAHA. Kaloka! Sometimes, I just really don't know what to do that I get that irritable feeling and bum other people around me in the end.. Which is wrong! Huhu. I miss him.. We haven't texted for a day because of the fight we had last night. Pag ako pa naman inatake ng pagkabadtrip, dire-diretso pagbira ng bunganga ko! Ughh.. But I don't want to be the first one to text. Mapride kasi akong tao. Ang pangit diba? Argh!!@#@$




So, last January 7 (Alam kong ang late na ng post kong to!! Haha), I attended the Debut or it's a birthday celebration of a young lady when she turns 18, the age of legalization. I've been to some debu's already since being a bubbly person, they always remember me during the special times of their lives. Haha. Moving on.. The theme of the party was based on the favorite colors of the debutante which was pink and purple.. Same colors as my Mom's fave too! Luckily, we went to SM Megamall a day or two before the said event and her high school friends were REQUIRED to wear pink shaded clothes.. I was wondering what to wear since I don't recall any pink dresses in my closet. I always wear dresses in formal occasions like this one since I think, it's the most suitable thing to wear. Haha. Choosy! Anyways, here's a sneak peek of the dress I wore from Forever 21. It's a vintage type of floral prints and I sooo loved it when I laid my eyes on it! It was kind of pricey but Mommy still bought it for me. (Kaya dapat good girl hihihi)

So, here are the people I spent my night with! They're all in college now and I'm the only girl who's left in High School. I'm almost done too! :)

Good friends! :-bd

With the heartthrob, Julius Fabayos! (L-R) Me, Julius, & Patricia
Kainis lang pagiging oily at pimpulin ng face ko here. LOL

I'm just happy that even though their age is way farther than mine, I still maintain a friendship with them and they too, appreciate the best in me. :)