The Thing About Firecrackers

Since it's new year, well, it always starts during December 21st, most of the kids, and also same with the adults, like popping firecrackers around. It's a noisy way to welcome the New Year! Personally, I like seeing fireworks, fire fountains, and the likes but I really don't like being the one who's popping them around. I think of it as really dangerous and with all the things I see through news and the internet, I get ultimately scared of what could happen to me in the end. I'm that sarcastic! Haha.

I just wanted to post a safe reminder of how you can prevent accidents like this. It's better to have a safe, noisy, and fun new year rather to be in a hospital crying your tears out.

  • Think of the precautions of the firecrackers you're about to use.
  • Look around if it fits to use it in that situation.
  • Be sure that you know how to use it and how are you going to be able to manage them.
  • Always be mindful if there are people who are going to walk around.
  • Give a head start to the people if you're gonna pop something so they would know right away.
  • Think of the space you have and if it's suitable to use the kind of products you wanna use.
I hope those simple guidelines help you avoid a harmed New Year and Enjoy a safe and extravagant one! :)

If ever you are injured, oh I hope not, here are the following guidelines given for different situations: 


  1. First Degree or Minor Fireworks Burns

    • 1
      Hold burned area under cold running water to reduce the heat level. This also helps clean the wound.
    • 2
      Dry the burned area with clean dry cloth.
    • 3
      Apply a topical anesthetic burn spray or use aloe vera lotion or cream to moisturize the burned area.
    • 4
      Administer an analgesic like acetaminophen or aspirin as needed.

    Second Degree or More Serious Fireworks Burns

    • 5
      Extinguish any fire on clothing or in the hair by smothering with a blanket or having the victim roll on the ground.
    • 6
      Immerse affected areas of skin in clean, cold water while arranging medical attention.
    • 7
      Dry the wounds gently with clean cloth and apply an antiseptic cream or an inert hydro gel product.
    • 8
      Wrap wounds in clean soft cloth such as towels, sheets or gauze.
    • 9
      Keep affected areas elevated and move the victim to a hospital or other medical treatment facility.
Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcRuTS8

Few tips:

  • Refer a burn larger than the palm of an adult hand to a doctor.
  • Watch for shock symptoms in serious burn victims.
  • Don't use ice to cool fireworks burns. Doing so causes further tissue damage.
  • Don't apply ointments, butter or steroidal salves to burns because they seal in the heat.
  • Ask about known allergies before administering any medication.
  • Don't place the fireworks burn victim in a tub or pool of cold water. Use cold compresses instead. Immersing the whole body causes core body temperatures to drop dangerously.
  • Take care not to rupture blisters caused by burns unless they are infected.

  • Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcnLVpI

    So yeah, I posted the links I got these information from to keep you all well informed. Thanks for taking time in reading my post! Have a safe and happy new year friends. God bless us all. :) 


    No Regrets. Just Love.

    From a previous blog I posted, I told you guys a story of a break up between me and my boyfriend but FORTUNATELY, we GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Haha! Sooo, he's been pleading me to make a post about us since I had this blog for a long time now and I haven't written anything about him. Ang arte diba! Hahaha. So, telling about our relationship..

    We're the cat-and-mouse relationship! We mostly fight then after a few minutes or hours, make lambing to each other again. That's how weird we are and that's why we're so perfect for each other! Hahaha. From a totoy boy to a person who cherished his girl rather than himself, you'd see a genuine change in him. He's my YAM, Babe, Baby, Love, Loveydubs, & my Baby Bunsoyyy!

    I know we have so many things in common and even the opposite things we have in each other. We like exploring food!!! That's why, I never get thin because he always draws me to eating new stuff, sue him for that! LOL. You know, he's hard to be with but it's still worth living. The thing we have is worth fighting for and I can never trade this with anything because the love I have for him and the love he has for me is truly something precious. It's a genuine thing. It's one that I can hold on to until the day my breath faints..

    One of his home visits <3

    Same event from the first picture <3

    After our CAT, we went straightly to my house :"> Sa kanya na daw dapat huling hours ng araw ko kasi masyado daw ako naging busy the whole morning and half of the afternoon. HAHA.

    His pausong "pupunta lang ako sa mercury drug, inutusan ako ni mama bumili ng gamot eh" then when he came back, he already has flowers for me! :"> This was my 16th birthday pala :>

    When you look me in the eyes.. <3

    First picture in Instagram! :)

    Our First anniversary date and first time to wear our Couple Shirt together :"""> <33

    Star City with my Family :")

    Love isn't always happy moments but it's always how you handle it in the end.
    Spread love with the ones you love! :) 

    My Nuvali Escape

    It's Christmas vacation you guys!! And with that, vacation trips, exploring new places, and out of town escapades are likely to be done. Our family is a big one and we are lucky enough to have a car to get up and driving along the long roads of NLEX, SLEX or whatever LEX we might wanna take, haha. We went to Nuvali since we really wanted to go here and experience all the privileges and adventure the place can bring.

    My outfit for that day was something comfy yet simply in style. I'm really into the trend of having long sleeves then "tokong" or the shorts until the knees type then the ever comfy doll shoes!! I guess the hat and the shades gave more flavor to the outfit since it was sunny and the long sleeves helped because it was dead windy in this place. 

    Blouse: Forever 21 Hat: Borrowed from Boyfriend lol Shades: Bazaar Finds
    Shoes: Mom's finds Shorts/tokong: Kamiseta 

    Look how they're all crumpled up together just to catch the feeds we were giving to them. It was like a mini feast for them for the amount of feeds that we threw to the lake. They would fall into this picture once I threw many of those feeds. It was disgusting yet a thrilling view to catch.

    There was an empty lot in front of the restaurant we ate at. After eating, the oldies rested while some smoked since it's what they usually do after. Me and my baby cousins and my siblings were able to run around and goof off while we were there. The empty space was really big and was a nice and windy place just to relax and have fun.

    We had a boat ride in the lake! The fee paid was really cheap that's why it was worth the ride. We were able to fit into one boat since we were 8 people and it's the maximum number of passengers in each boat. It was an enjoyable ride since there was a bumpy part of it. It was a round trip which was nakakabitin since I really wanted to just sit there more and enjoy everything I saw. The blue sky, the lake, the fresh air, and just a peaceful surrounding. It was really a place to relax.

    My Nuvali Escape was really fun especially I was able to experience it with the people
    I dearly love, MY FAMILY. 
    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed season of love. 
    YOLO <3


    High School Drama

    I AM A LAZY PERSON. Almost all of my friends know that but when it comes to projects or those stuff, I can be pretty fast in doing so. I learned my lesson from my past projects since before, cramming has also been my hobby too. I finally realized now that it was unhealthy for myself and even for my projects. By cramming, I learn not to value the extra time I have which is wrong.. Value all the time you have now cause you'll never know what you're gonna get it in the end. While there's time, do what you can as early as you can so by the end of the day, you are still able to relax rather than stressing out with the things you still need to do. I admit that I'm a crammer myself but I know my responsibilities as a student. I know when to exert my utmost effort and when to stop doing it. 
     Just this year, I was able to encounter a classroom where there are different types of people. The sarcastic ones, the bitch ones, the plastic ones, and all of those you can imagine in one class. It's soooo hard to adjust since the class I used to go to before was just family. You could just talk about anything under the sun and you wouldn't lose a thing or two even if you leave them naked on your table or elsewhere. I just really miss the people I treat as my brothers and sisters, especially our Mom, OG. Yes, I know some of my present classmates are going to be able to read this but I don't care, this is what I feel and nothing of what they say can change the fact that I am not comfortable with their company. All of my actions are probably seen and written down for future evidence. Ugh. This isn't really working out for me and I know it goes the same for them.
    The highlights of my senior year is that I was able to stay with friends that I know I can trust and I have an intelligent adviser! English teacher may I add, which is my favorite of all! :)



    Your Style Defines You

    As a comeback post for I was absent here for a long time.. I'd like to share with ya'll some of my outfits whenever I have appointments out or dates with the family. This is a compilation of just some of it... But I do hope I serve as an inspiration that no matter what size you are, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL. 

    Assumption Open House! :)

     Avid's Resto & Bar

    Relative's house in Cainta (that's my little sissy)

    At Market!
    Feast day of Padre Pio

    Glorietta date with my Family!

    Birthday Party of cousin at Jollibee, Dasma! :)

     Well, I don't have much to say whether you guys appreciate it or not but thanks for the time to appreciate my style. Peace out! :)



    Hey guys! I know I'm not that popular enough to ask if yall missed me but hey, it's a free world.. So, what's up guys? Missed me? Hahaha! Nothing's been new with my life except for the fact that we didn't really end the relationship so my last post was definitely cancelled! Hahahaha. New posts coming up. My OOTD's got stacked up. Watch out for it guys.. Sad lang since I don't have my own digicam, I only use my Mom's phone for my ootd pictures. Well, as long as I get to share my thoughts with you guys, all is well! :)

    YOLO as they say. :)



    Morningggg picture in my sweats! :)
    Sometimes, the rain doesn't make me happy at all. It just makes me upset of the things that I'll do. Today, me and my fellow Top 10 batch mates were supposed to go on a tour in Ateneo de Manila University but because of the threatening weather we had this morning, the tour was a no-no. I was so upset since the minute I knew about this tour, I was so psyched to go with it. Hayy. Nakakaupset talaga! :( Things happen when you least expect them too. I was up so early, I cooked and ate heavy breakfast since I know na I'd be more excited about the tour and probably forget eating for a second.. But then boom, another unproductive day. I have so many things to do in hand but I just can't force myself because of the cuddly weather!! I feel so woozy and I just wanna sleep the whole day ahead. Nasayang ang diet! LOL, haha.




    It's computer time again~ Lol. And my seatmates here are so busy being busy! The other one is talking with Simsimi and the other is playing a game online.. They're so productive right? Haha, well we have our own worlds right now, boohoo. Tapos si Lyle Chan ayaw ako bilhan ng Trolli, damot :( *Chos!* Today we continue the activity given to us and finally, I'm being more productive compared to yesterday's! Is it because of the songs played by our teacher? So, singing while making the activity while typing this blog right now. What a good girl am I! Rochelle's reading this post while I'm typing it.. Haha, I just say whatever I want too! It's cold here :( Hug please? Haha, not. :) KTHXBYE.



    And now I'm in school and since I'm still so lazy to the assigned activity, I'll be a bit of a violator! I mean.. Robotics isn't my thing, it may be my brother's but so not mine. Assembling different parts and thinking of an idea to invent a new robot, uh, coo coo head right here~ Anyways, we have this activity that we would need to make a prototype of a design of our project. Cool yet kinda weird. It really isn't my thing but I'm lucky enough to have my younger brother as a support partner! He's into this stuff and with me being 0% knowledgeable about this, there he comes in. Hihihi, no, it's not cheating.. I am just asking for help. So yeah, enough of this talking.. I need to go to my next class now~ Bye guys! :)

    We all need to discover new things..
    YOLO as they say. :)


    When I woke up this morning, I noticed something different which brought me to shock.. I usually wake up at around 5:30 in the morning for classes and by that time, it was still somehow gloomy since it's an early time to do so. I'd rather wake up earlier than be called a sleepyhead because of being late in class! Anyways, I already woke up at 6AM and in my surprise, it was still super dark, it was just like a 5:30 AM time but no.. Ha! It was soooo cold. It was raining cats and dogs! And kept on asking my Mom if classes aren't suspended yet.. I kept on asking her not because I was lazy to go to class BUT because of the rush I'm gonna feel when we're already being sent home in the middle of the day. Nakakainis kaya yon! Haha. So there I went, left the house at exactly 6:35AM and walked down the street into the main road to find a oneway jeepney that can drop me off my school a street away.. Luckily, I was able to ride in a quick pan of minutes but as I rode the vehicle, grabe, I was super wet!! Haha, pagbaba ko ng jeep, I couldn't stop wiping my arms and legs. So, I got to school on time since they give a 10-minute extension for the late comers.. Buti na lang! Another school day of mine started. Haha. First period was English then Christian Living and the last period before break is MAPEH. It was so gloomy in school, mukha na tuloy haunted school ang peg! As we went to the canteen, syempre majority of the students wore a jacket because of the windy and cold climate we're having. Biglang after break.. Nganga! We were sent home at 11AM.. Kainis! Hassle na from home going to school then they're gonna announce in the end that classes were suspended. Hassle again pauwi because of first, the rain and second, the number of people in the jeep terminal. At least in the afternoon, relief because there were some assistance na.. Reklamadora forever! HAHAHA

    I just wanted to share my experience for
    this day.. Haha, smile guys! :)

    YOLO as they say. :)



    And yes, it was our Acquaintance Party last June 29! The party was themed as a Hawaiian one so as expected, everyone got that touch of bright neony colors plus the flowers in what they wore. I was in fashion with what I wore and yes, I'm proud of it. Though, I wasn't nominated for the so called "Aloha Babe", I was still proud of myself because I maintained the grace over pressure factor! Chos! Haha. So I guess you guys wanna see my outfit right? Here it is, lovies!! 

    I got to meet a lot of freshies plus got to bond with 
    the new students! They were all nice and in a noble 
    way, they were truly Guadalupeans! :)

    YOLO as they say. :)


    Been inactive

    I have so many things to tell you guys but let me start off with.. I missed blogging! :( I've been so busy with school lately, especially since I'm a senior and running for honors, I have to take it to the next level higher! Haha, chosera but it's true! :) So.. You're gonna here more from me soon! I swear~



    Don't you adore the new style of my blog? And I sincerely thank JAZTIN Yabut for it. She's my bestfriend since elementary days and she's the genius in everything now. She's super sexy and single by the way! So boys, you know what it is. :D I just wanna thank her for making my blog perfect as it can be! She's too pretty nga eh, kainsecure <//3 Hihihi. I love you ng infinite, bes! THANK YOU. :*

    Thank you, bestfriend! :) 

    YOLO as they say. :)

    The Organ that Beats

    I've been hearing a lot of heartaches at the moment and I've experienced one myself.. Yes, I have a special someone but that doesn't mean it's always gonna be the happy times. There's always that down moment where everything just feels like crap. Now on Facebook, I usually hear those sad status' that moving on is really hard, that forgetting the one you love isn't gonna be easy, and those forever lyrics that say, "How can I move on, when I'm still inlove with you?" Oh well, it's part of the journey. Sometimes you gotta fall for you learn to stand up and face the fact that someone is always gonna leave BUT always remember too, that someone soon is gonna come and make you know the reason why it didn't work out with anybody else. I'm not really "the expert" when it comes to these things since I'm only sixteen but through the relationship I have with my partner right now, I can say it wasn't an easy ride at all. There were moments when I couldn't think of anything else but to end the relationship that was between us. It's those desperada moments that you could think of no way out. I came to that point and for a certain time, I took a little space off without him, I had to clear my mind out first before I did something stupid that might cause me something worse in the end.. There are just those people that how much you want to live without them, you can't stand the feeling. What I'm trying to say is, if you love the person, think of their happiness too because without their happiness, it would all be useless.

    To all those having heartaches right now, I know you could all surpass the phase of being alone but always look around you because there are many people who care for you and love you. In the end, everything will be back the way it was. You'll be happy and more stronger than ever! For now, you should enjoy life as you enjoyed it even before that special someone came. My Mommy always used to tell me this, "Don't rush things, you're still young." And I believe her, it's true! We still have so much to encounter in life and those are the exciting ones. Let's not forget that Christ reserved us for something special. We have our whole life to live & love! Let's just all be happy. :)

    ( I do not own the picture. Credits to the owner) 

    We all are born to fall, it's just up to us to stand up and be strong. 
    "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
    - Suckerpunch -

    YOLO as they say. :)



    As a newbie here in Blogspot, I seem to get so excited when I see my pageviews growing. It feels like other people really appreciate what I write in my blogs. I feel like I share things that also other people can relate too. I may have not that bunch of followers yet and I may not know each and everyone who views my blog but I still wanna say thank you! You guys make me smile just because of these simple things. :)

    Just be happy! ;)

    YOLO as they say. :)

    Once Upon a Ballet

    So, my younger Sister, Sofia, is a ballerina. Yes, we're total opposites since my genre in dancing is Hip-Hop which is more up beat and lively which hers is with class and poise. She had her recital last June 2 at the CCP along with her other "balletmates" at Perry Sevidal Ballet. Reality is, she's a scholar of the Mayor of Makati. Not all kids who audition for a spot at the Ballet Class gets in and she's lucky that for two consecutive years, she gets accepted. Enough about that.. Now after she finished her lessons, she now needs to perform a ballet inspirational dance to the tune of Hillsong's Lead Me Lord and I need to be a stage ate to choreograph her dance. It's quite a challenge since I don't have any idea on what this dance is about, I do hope that when the time comes that she needs to perform, she'll do great. Fingers crossed! :D

    Everybody has a talent. 
    You've just gotta show what you got. :)

    YOLO as they say. :)


    Bloggers United 3

    This was my first time to attend this kind of event since I'm not really always allowed to but here's a short preview of my finds and how everything went on at the Bloggers United 3! :)

    When I got there, there wasn't much people yet since I was one of the earliest ones to arrive. The venue was at the Grand Events Place in Makati which was near to my Dad's office. We just got there on time because the line wasn't that long yet and the entrance didn't start yet. There was a entrance fee charge but it was super worth it because of the great things I got. I wasn't able to take pictures of people roaming around and shoppers buying as I, myself, was busy too but here's some of the things I got to buy for myself at the Bazaar.

    Best buy items! :)

    I got the Capt. America and Paris for very low prices! Especially those Polo's which were only at P50. Super affordable and especially, wearable! I got the Peace signed tee from another booth and it was only for P180. Cheap right? I know!! It was just all so daring. :)

    I forgot to mention the shoes! Aren't they so cute? Heels. <333

    The skirt was to die for! It's a blue floral high waist-ed skirt and it was sorta a bandaged styled one. :)

    Okay, so most of my closest friends know that I am dreaming of going to Paris someday, the same reason why I was so psyched to buy this. When I saw this tee, I didn't even notice the Paris designs in it, I just grabbed it and paid for it. The surprise for me was when I got to look at the things I bought, I suddenly skipped a heartbeat because of this. BEST BUY!!! :)

    Accessories from the Bazaar! Of course, I loved the Eiffel tower inspired charm! Everything was just too real. :)

    You could have the things you want in the minimal price as 
    possible, you just gotta explore and accept everything
    and anything that might go on with your life. :)

    YOLO as they say. :)


    Senior Year

    I am about to take another part of a chapter in my high school life.. I'm about to be a senior! From the three years of hard work comes to this final stage where in ten more months, I am officially a graduate. There's a lot of people I need to be thankful for because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

    Of course, I would mostly be thankful for Our Savior because he's the one who gave everything a purpose in this world. Never say you're nothing cause He made you for something special. :)

    Nonetheless, my Parents are the second best thing in life. Even though they are so irritating sometimes, they still make the best partnership in bringing me up into what I am now.

    Next to thank are my siblings and even though they're still babies, they still helped cause without them, I wouldn't be that responsible as I am now. When Dad's at work and Mom's not around doing errands, I would have to do all the work to make the house going. I would have to cook for all of us, then give them a bath and make sure that the house stays ship-shape. Yeah, being the eldest sometimes can be a bummer but it super pays off once they make lambing to you in the end.

    These are just some but they are the most important ones! 
    Appreciate your family cause you've always got them in your back always,
    even if the whole world is against you. :)

    YOLO as they say. :)

    Crocs Mega Sale

    One of the shoes that I find really comfy are Crocs. All of their shoes are designed to be like that in a cool way, they even have heeled ones which I find really cute! :)

    ( I do not own the picture, credits to the owner )

    So yesterday, together with my Aunt and Lola, we went to its Mega Sale which was until 90% off. We were so psyched to know that and went to the venue right away which was at a tent at the Fort. When we got there, we fell in line, a super long line for the record, and waited until it was our turn to get in. I got hungry so Mom bought me a box of Mojos from Shakeys which I really love! (Thanks Mom!) Going back.. When we got into the venue, I was just wow-ed with all the crocs I saw scattered everywhere. There were shoes similar to Converse, similar to Fitflops and all were really nice. :) 

    I got some pictures here with me but I apologize for their low quality.. 

    But above every positive outcome, there is always a downfall. Everything was scattered around as if it wasn't a branded sale. You could say a "divi" type of bargain. It was categorized from Mens, to Womens, to Kids but none of it was considered since the shoes for men were in the womens section. Plus, I so badly wanted these hello kitty designed crocs but I couldn't find the other pair! :( People literally sat everywhere, even in the center of the venue because of the crowd that was a riot.  Everything was a mess and others were stepping on the shoes already. You would think to yourself, "Should I even buy this? It's already been stepped on." And another thing is, MOST OF THE ITEMS WERE STILL REALLY EXPENSIVE. They just used the phrase "90% off" to catch the attention of the people. 

    I just hope that the next time I plan too attend "sales" like this, it would prolly be more organized. :)

    YOLO, as they say. :)