High School Drama

I AM A LAZY PERSON. Almost all of my friends know that but when it comes to projects or those stuff, I can be pretty fast in doing so. I learned my lesson from my past projects since before, cramming has also been my hobby too. I finally realized now that it was unhealthy for myself and even for my projects. By cramming, I learn not to value the extra time I have which is wrong.. Value all the time you have now cause you'll never know what you're gonna get it in the end. While there's time, do what you can as early as you can so by the end of the day, you are still able to relax rather than stressing out with the things you still need to do. I admit that I'm a crammer myself but I know my responsibilities as a student. I know when to exert my utmost effort and when to stop doing it. 
 Just this year, I was able to encounter a classroom where there are different types of people. The sarcastic ones, the bitch ones, the plastic ones, and all of those you can imagine in one class. It's soooo hard to adjust since the class I used to go to before was just family. You could just talk about anything under the sun and you wouldn't lose a thing or two even if you leave them naked on your table or elsewhere. I just really miss the people I treat as my brothers and sisters, especially our Mom, OG. Yes, I know some of my present classmates are going to be able to read this but I don't care, this is what I feel and nothing of what they say can change the fact that I am not comfortable with their company. All of my actions are probably seen and written down for future evidence. Ugh. This isn't really working out for me and I know it goes the same for them.
The highlights of my senior year is that I was able to stay with friends that I know I can trust and I have an intelligent adviser! English teacher may I add, which is my favorite of all! :)



Your Style Defines You

As a comeback post for I was absent here for a long time.. I'd like to share with ya'll some of my outfits whenever I have appointments out or dates with the family. This is a compilation of just some of it... But I do hope I serve as an inspiration that no matter what size you are, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL. 

Assumption Open House! :)

 Avid's Resto & Bar

Relative's house in Cainta (that's my little sissy)

At Market!
Feast day of Padre Pio

Glorietta date with my Family!

Birthday Party of cousin at Jollibee, Dasma! :)

 Well, I don't have much to say whether you guys appreciate it or not but thanks for the time to appreciate my style. Peace out! :)