The Thing About Firecrackers

Since it's new year, well, it always starts during December 21st, most of the kids, and also same with the adults, like popping firecrackers around. It's a noisy way to welcome the New Year! Personally, I like seeing fireworks, fire fountains, and the likes but I really don't like being the one who's popping them around. I think of it as really dangerous and with all the things I see through news and the internet, I get ultimately scared of what could happen to me in the end. I'm that sarcastic! Haha.

I just wanted to post a safe reminder of how you can prevent accidents like this. It's better to have a safe, noisy, and fun new year rather to be in a hospital crying your tears out.

  • Think of the precautions of the firecrackers you're about to use.
  • Look around if it fits to use it in that situation.
  • Be sure that you know how to use it and how are you going to be able to manage them.
  • Always be mindful if there are people who are going to walk around.
  • Give a head start to the people if you're gonna pop something so they would know right away.
  • Think of the space you have and if it's suitable to use the kind of products you wanna use.
I hope those simple guidelines help you avoid a harmed New Year and Enjoy a safe and extravagant one! :)

If ever you are injured, oh I hope not, here are the following guidelines given for different situations: 


  1. First Degree or Minor Fireworks Burns

    • 1
      Hold burned area under cold running water to reduce the heat level. This also helps clean the wound.
    • 2
      Dry the burned area with clean dry cloth.
    • 3
      Apply a topical anesthetic burn spray or use aloe vera lotion or cream to moisturize the burned area.
    • 4
      Administer an analgesic like acetaminophen or aspirin as needed.

    Second Degree or More Serious Fireworks Burns

    • 5
      Extinguish any fire on clothing or in the hair by smothering with a blanket or having the victim roll on the ground.
    • 6
      Immerse affected areas of skin in clean, cold water while arranging medical attention.
    • 7
      Dry the wounds gently with clean cloth and apply an antiseptic cream or an inert hydro gel product.
    • 8
      Wrap wounds in clean soft cloth such as towels, sheets or gauze.
    • 9
      Keep affected areas elevated and move the victim to a hospital or other medical treatment facility.
Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcRuTS8

Few tips:

  • Refer a burn larger than the palm of an adult hand to a doctor.
  • Watch for shock symptoms in serious burn victims.
  • Don't use ice to cool fireworks burns. Doing so causes further tissue damage.
  • Don't apply ointments, butter or steroidal salves to burns because they seal in the heat.
  • Ask about known allergies before administering any medication.
  • Don't place the fireworks burn victim in a tub or pool of cold water. Use cold compresses instead. Immersing the whole body causes core body temperatures to drop dangerously.
  • Take care not to rupture blisters caused by burns unless they are infected.

  • Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcnLVpI

    So yeah, I posted the links I got these information from to keep you all well informed. Thanks for taking time in reading my post! Have a safe and happy new year friends. God bless us all. :) 


    No Regrets. Just Love.

    From a previous blog I posted, I told you guys a story of a break up between me and my boyfriend but FORTUNATELY, we GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Haha! Sooo, he's been pleading me to make a post about us since I had this blog for a long time now and I haven't written anything about him. Ang arte diba! Hahaha. So, telling about our relationship..

    We're the cat-and-mouse relationship! We mostly fight then after a few minutes or hours, make lambing to each other again. That's how weird we are and that's why we're so perfect for each other! Hahaha. From a totoy boy to a person who cherished his girl rather than himself, you'd see a genuine change in him. He's my YAM, Babe, Baby, Love, Loveydubs, & my Baby Bunsoyyy!

    I know we have so many things in common and even the opposite things we have in each other. We like exploring food!!! That's why, I never get thin because he always draws me to eating new stuff, sue him for that! LOL. You know, he's hard to be with but it's still worth living. The thing we have is worth fighting for and I can never trade this with anything because the love I have for him and the love he has for me is truly something precious. It's a genuine thing. It's one that I can hold on to until the day my breath faints..

    One of his home visits <3

    Same event from the first picture <3

    After our CAT, we went straightly to my house :"> Sa kanya na daw dapat huling hours ng araw ko kasi masyado daw ako naging busy the whole morning and half of the afternoon. HAHA.

    His pausong "pupunta lang ako sa mercury drug, inutusan ako ni mama bumili ng gamot eh" then when he came back, he already has flowers for me! :"> This was my 16th birthday pala :>

    When you look me in the eyes.. <3

    First picture in Instagram! :)

    Our First anniversary date and first time to wear our Couple Shirt together :"""> <33

    Star City with my Family :")

    Love isn't always happy moments but it's always how you handle it in the end.
    Spread love with the ones you love! :) 

    My Nuvali Escape

    It's Christmas vacation you guys!! And with that, vacation trips, exploring new places, and out of town escapades are likely to be done. Our family is a big one and we are lucky enough to have a car to get up and driving along the long roads of NLEX, SLEX or whatever LEX we might wanna take, haha. We went to Nuvali since we really wanted to go here and experience all the privileges and adventure the place can bring.

    My outfit for that day was something comfy yet simply in style. I'm really into the trend of having long sleeves then "tokong" or the shorts until the knees type then the ever comfy doll shoes!! I guess the hat and the shades gave more flavor to the outfit since it was sunny and the long sleeves helped because it was dead windy in this place. 

    Blouse: Forever 21 Hat: Borrowed from Boyfriend lol Shades: Bazaar Finds
    Shoes: Mom's finds Shorts/tokong: Kamiseta 

    Look how they're all crumpled up together just to catch the feeds we were giving to them. It was like a mini feast for them for the amount of feeds that we threw to the lake. They would fall into this picture once I threw many of those feeds. It was disgusting yet a thrilling view to catch.

    There was an empty lot in front of the restaurant we ate at. After eating, the oldies rested while some smoked since it's what they usually do after. Me and my baby cousins and my siblings were able to run around and goof off while we were there. The empty space was really big and was a nice and windy place just to relax and have fun.

    We had a boat ride in the lake! The fee paid was really cheap that's why it was worth the ride. We were able to fit into one boat since we were 8 people and it's the maximum number of passengers in each boat. It was an enjoyable ride since there was a bumpy part of it. It was a round trip which was nakakabitin since I really wanted to just sit there more and enjoy everything I saw. The blue sky, the lake, the fresh air, and just a peaceful surrounding. It was really a place to relax.

    My Nuvali Escape was really fun especially I was able to experience it with the people
    I dearly love, MY FAMILY. 
    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed season of love. 
    YOLO <3