The Thing About Firecrackers

Since it's new year, well, it always starts during December 21st, most of the kids, and also same with the adults, like popping firecrackers around. It's a noisy way to welcome the New Year! Personally, I like seeing fireworks, fire fountains, and the likes but I really don't like being the one who's popping them around. I think of it as really dangerous and with all the things I see through news and the internet, I get ultimately scared of what could happen to me in the end. I'm that sarcastic! Haha.

I just wanted to post a safe reminder of how you can prevent accidents like this. It's better to have a safe, noisy, and fun new year rather to be in a hospital crying your tears out.

  • Think of the precautions of the firecrackers you're about to use.
  • Look around if it fits to use it in that situation.
  • Be sure that you know how to use it and how are you going to be able to manage them.
  • Always be mindful if there are people who are going to walk around.
  • Give a head start to the people if you're gonna pop something so they would know right away.
  • Think of the space you have and if it's suitable to use the kind of products you wanna use.
I hope those simple guidelines help you avoid a harmed New Year and Enjoy a safe and extravagant one! :)

If ever you are injured, oh I hope not, here are the following guidelines given for different situations: 


  1. First Degree or Minor Fireworks Burns

    • 1
      Hold burned area under cold running water to reduce the heat level. This also helps clean the wound.
    • 2
      Dry the burned area with clean dry cloth.
    • 3
      Apply a topical anesthetic burn spray or use aloe vera lotion or cream to moisturize the burned area.
    • 4
      Administer an analgesic like acetaminophen or aspirin as needed.

    Second Degree or More Serious Fireworks Burns

    • 5
      Extinguish any fire on clothing or in the hair by smothering with a blanket or having the victim roll on the ground.
    • 6
      Immerse affected areas of skin in clean, cold water while arranging medical attention.
    • 7
      Dry the wounds gently with clean cloth and apply an antiseptic cream or an inert hydro gel product.
    • 8
      Wrap wounds in clean soft cloth such as towels, sheets or gauze.
    • 9
      Keep affected areas elevated and move the victim to a hospital or other medical treatment facility.
Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcRuTS8

Few tips:

  • Refer a burn larger than the palm of an adult hand to a doctor.
  • Watch for shock symptoms in serious burn victims.
  • Don't use ice to cool fireworks burns. Doing so causes further tissue damage.
  • Don't apply ointments, butter or steroidal salves to burns because they seal in the heat.
  • Ask about known allergies before administering any medication.
  • Don't place the fireworks burn victim in a tub or pool of cold water. Use cold compresses instead. Immersing the whole body causes core body temperatures to drop dangerously.
  • Take care not to rupture blisters caused by burns unless they are infected.

  • Read more: How to Treat a Fireworks Burn | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2238329_treat-fireworks-burn.html#ixzz2GbcnLVpI

    So yeah, I posted the links I got these information from to keep you all well informed. Thanks for taking time in reading my post! Have a safe and happy new year friends. God bless us all. :) 

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