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I've been hearing a lot of heartaches at the moment and I've experienced one myself.. Yes, I have a special someone but that doesn't mean it's always gonna be the happy times. There's always that down moment where everything just feels like crap. Now on Facebook, I usually hear those sad status' that moving on is really hard, that forgetting the one you love isn't gonna be easy, and those forever lyrics that say, "How can I move on, when I'm still inlove with you?" Oh well, it's part of the journey. Sometimes you gotta fall for you learn to stand up and face the fact that someone is always gonna leave BUT always remember too, that someone soon is gonna come and make you know the reason why it didn't work out with anybody else. I'm not really "the expert" when it comes to these things since I'm only sixteen but through the relationship I have with my partner right now, I can say it wasn't an easy ride at all. There were moments when I couldn't think of anything else but to end the relationship that was between us. It's those desperada moments that you could think of no way out. I came to that point and for a certain time, I took a little space off without him, I had to clear my mind out first before I did something stupid that might cause me something worse in the end.. There are just those people that how much you want to live without them, you can't stand the feeling. What I'm trying to say is, if you love the person, think of their happiness too because without their happiness, it would all be useless.

To all those having heartaches right now, I know you could all surpass the phase of being alone but always look around you because there are many people who care for you and love you. In the end, everything will be back the way it was. You'll be happy and more stronger than ever! For now, you should enjoy life as you enjoyed it even before that special someone came. My Mommy always used to tell me this, "Don't rush things, you're still young." And I believe her, it's true! We still have so much to encounter in life and those are the exciting ones. Let's not forget that Christ reserved us for something special. We have our whole life to live & love! Let's just all be happy. :)

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We all are born to fall, it's just up to us to stand up and be strong. 
"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
- Suckerpunch -

YOLO as they say. :)

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