I am Nicole Almoite, or Ccici, from the Philippines and a girl whose aspiring to be a known person
 in the blogging field. I am fifteen years old and living in a busy city which is Makati.
 Passion is what drives me to move and it's also the same reason why I pursue what I love. I am a dancer at our school and even at my parents' community, I love doing it. It's an expression through movement that only ourselves could really understand. Besides my passion for dancing, I also love writing. That would be obvious since you're here reading my blog. When I was a kid, I used to write and write all the stuff I felt, I saw and sometimes, even what I heard that made me into this talkative yet sweet person I am now. :) 

I've told more for now... 
I love everything!
I love you, my Family, my Friends, my Special Someone
and everyone who helped me and will help me pursuing everything
that I may want in my life

YOLO as they say. :)

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