Enchanted Kingdom EKids Talent Search

Be jealous! VERY JEALOUS. Well, don't be. Lol, I'm just kidding anyways. My eldest brother, Marty, is in at the Grand Finals of Enchanted Kingdom's first ever kiddie talent show and I must say that I'm a proud sister right here! The competition at the semi-finals was tight and the judges were artists, models, and dancers which made the the pro's but Marty was able to impress them enough that made him lucky and blessed to be included in the Grand Finals on Feb. 23, 2012 at Eldar's Tent in Enchanted Kingdom. They're 8 finalists and only one will be announced as the grand champion! But even before winning that grand prize trophy, they've already received a lot of perks coming from the management. They've experienced photo shoots, free food, experiences, FREE FOOD, great comments, and a whole lot more! They are also given free tickets as a reward for the participation they gave to EK's talent search. I'm just so proud that even in my brother's condition, he still faces the world with his head up high and continues to pursue the things he wants to achieve. Even without the winning title in the end, I know that he's a winner because he gave his best, we believed in Him, and he believed in his talent. It's enough that many have witnessed what my brother can do and I know that he's proud of his own achievements! Way to go, Marty. :)


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