The Royal Ball

It's love month and as we all know, it's prom month too! Oh yes, and this year's theme for our school's prom is... The Royal Ball. So cheesy right? Haha! Well, I'm a wild one so my gown really didn't follow the theme. I  went for style!!! Haha. I just wanna share with you guys what I wore, and for holy cow's sake, you don't need to spend thousands to get a dress in ship shape. Wise dealing will do the trick! After all, it's a night you'll want to remember, not a night you wanna cry to because of what you bought and spent for. Lol. 

Syempre, there's a pre-prom pictorial muna! Haha, this is at the parlor where I had my hair and make-up done. :) 

Outside the salon. Ready to go! :) 

Sorry for the blurred white part at my chest, I'm just protecting my dignity! Haha. 

And of course, MY PROM DATE <3 :">

You know, my last prom wasn't as much of a bomb like the one I had when I was a junior but I still had the time of my life. I really did enjoy the fact that my last prom was well spent! :)

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