When I woke up this morning, I noticed something different which brought me to shock.. I usually wake up at around 5:30 in the morning for classes and by that time, it was still somehow gloomy since it's an early time to do so. I'd rather wake up earlier than be called a sleepyhead because of being late in class! Anyways, I already woke up at 6AM and in my surprise, it was still super dark, it was just like a 5:30 AM time but no.. Ha! It was soooo cold. It was raining cats and dogs! And kept on asking my Mom if classes aren't suspended yet.. I kept on asking her not because I was lazy to go to class BUT because of the rush I'm gonna feel when we're already being sent home in the middle of the day. Nakakainis kaya yon! Haha. So there I went, left the house at exactly 6:35AM and walked down the street into the main road to find a oneway jeepney that can drop me off my school a street away.. Luckily, I was able to ride in a quick pan of minutes but as I rode the vehicle, grabe, I was super wet!! Haha, pagbaba ko ng jeep, I couldn't stop wiping my arms and legs. So, I got to school on time since they give a 10-minute extension for the late comers.. Buti na lang! Another school day of mine started. Haha. First period was English then Christian Living and the last period before break is MAPEH. It was so gloomy in school, mukha na tuloy haunted school ang peg! As we went to the canteen, syempre majority of the students wore a jacket because of the windy and cold climate we're having. Biglang after break.. Nganga! We were sent home at 11AM.. Kainis! Hassle na from home going to school then they're gonna announce in the end that classes were suspended. Hassle again pauwi because of first, the rain and second, the number of people in the jeep terminal. At least in the afternoon, relief because there were some assistance na.. Reklamadora forever! HAHAHA

I just wanted to share my experience for
this day.. Haha, smile guys! :)

YOLO as they say. :)

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