Morningggg picture in my sweats! :)
Sometimes, the rain doesn't make me happy at all. It just makes me upset of the things that I'll do. Today, me and my fellow Top 10 batch mates were supposed to go on a tour in Ateneo de Manila University but because of the threatening weather we had this morning, the tour was a no-no. I was so upset since the minute I knew about this tour, I was so psyched to go with it. Hayy. Nakakaupset talaga! :( Things happen when you least expect them too. I was up so early, I cooked and ate heavy breakfast since I know na I'd be more excited about the tour and probably forget eating for a second.. But then boom, another unproductive day. I have so many things to do in hand but I just can't force myself because of the cuddly weather!! I feel so woozy and I just wanna sleep the whole day ahead. Nasayang ang diet! LOL, haha.


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