And now I'm in school and since I'm still so lazy to the assigned activity, I'll be a bit of a violator! I mean.. Robotics isn't my thing, it may be my brother's but so not mine. Assembling different parts and thinking of an idea to invent a new robot, uh, coo coo head right here~ Anyways, we have this activity that we would need to make a prototype of a design of our project. Cool yet kinda weird. It really isn't my thing but I'm lucky enough to have my younger brother as a support partner! He's into this stuff and with me being 0% knowledgeable about this, there he comes in. Hihihi, no, it's not cheating.. I am just asking for help. So yeah, enough of this talking.. I need to go to my next class now~ Bye guys! :)

We all need to discover new things..
YOLO as they say. :)

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