The Questionables

From my last post, you've seen where I've studied for college but you haven't met my awesome friends yet, right? Well, I'm a very naughty and talkative person once you get to know me. I know it's obvious since my blog posts here are very much showing my attitude already. HAHA. They're not the usual type of friends you get to meet everyday. The other thing about this group is they're ALL DORMERS and I'm the only one who's not. One's from Quezon City, the other is from Laguna, another is a Batangueno, and lastly, one from Lucena, Quezon. We're not very common actually and we weren't really the "group" from the start and they made me realize how awesome it is just to be "in" school. Like no malls, not much of the sight-seeing out, and how studies really affect ones decisions. They're also my diaries in school. I tell them all the things I hate about some people and they understand and just tell me to be patient about things cause fighting the other person can just cause nothing but drama and it's just a waste of time! They're that intellectual and that's what I love about them :)

I never really thought that I'd get along too well with these girls since we were really different from each other. From the attitudes we have and our ways in studying. Haha, but as of now, I'm really thankful to have friends like them. Trustworthy, knows their priorities (Except Nicca HAHA jk) and is true for who they really are and that's the most important thing, being true to everyone around you!

R to L:
Isabella Nicole | Katrina Bianca | Junicca | Nicole Anne Louise (me) | Andree Catherine
Isa/Nics/Nicole | Kate | Nicca | Lui | AC

Since we really never go out that often, complete pictures of us five come very seldom so whenever I get a picture with these girls, I really get all happy. Though it's too early to claim that we'll be friends forever, I can surely claim that I'll forever be thankful to have met these girls and to the things they did that made me realize that some people really do never change. 

Til' next post ;)

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  1. friends will stay longer than you could ever imagine
    i have childhood friends that i still go out with up to now
    trust me, once you find true ones, you will never lose them

    ❤ Ms. Kei